Welcome Message from the BME IDEA APAC Steering Committee

We welcome you to a special gathering of BME-IDEA APAC. Over the last two years, our growing community has taken some important steps: The summit has moved to Taiwan for the first time, with help from programs in Japan, Singapore, Australia, Israel, and other countries in the region. And the network remained strong during the COVID-19 pandemic, with programs sharing knowledge and best practices to continue offering our trainees rich educational experiences despite the challenging circumstances.

Medical technology is evolving at great speed and the APAC region has started to show its great potential in innovation education. This year’s theme -- from zero to infinity -- speaks to how much we can accomplish by training the next generation of innovators in Asia Pacific. The agenda at this year’s summit will focus on the common challenges we face and how we can tackle them individually and as a community. We hope each of you benefits from the knowledge that will be shared at the event.

We thank Taipei Medical University for hosting and providing financial support for this year’s event. And we especially thank everyone for attending the meeting today and playing a key role in strengthening this community of innovation education programs in Asia Pacific. We wish you a wonderful summit and a bright, collaborative future ahead.

Josh Makower

Director of Byers Center for Biodesign, Stanford University
On behalf of the Steering Committee 

Welcome Message from Taipei Medical University

We would like to extend our warm welcome to all the presenters and participants for joining BME IDEA APAC 2021 Annual Summit hosted by Taipei Medical University (TMU). The primary focus of the conference is to improve the inter-collaboration of members and friends of the BME-IDEA community, to accelerate medical innovation through knowledge and experience sharing from experts in various fields.

With the vision of advancing towards innovative university, the university has developed and implemented strategic initiatives in talent cultivation, innovation research, commercialization of university-based technology and contribution to society. One of the most crucial initiatives is introducing biodesign thinking and innovation training programs into the TMU system, helping students and researchers to discover and satisfy clinical needs.

The three-day event provides an excellent opportunity to create synergies between stakeholders by a wide spectrum of discussions related to medical innovation. We sincerely wish you find the conference stimulating and transformative. Looking forward to welcoming you!

Chien-Huang Lin

President of Taipei Medical University

BME-IDEA (Biomedical Engineering Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship Alliance) - was initiated when a group of university professors teaching biomedical engineering realized that they had common interests that were not being met by available conference offerings. The first BME-IDEA meeting was held in San Francisco in 2003 and has been held annually or bi-annually ever since. It provides an opportunity for students, scholars and individuals to interact and complete projects with innovative talents from the globe.

The goals of the BME-IDEA are to

Share experiences and best practices across biomedical engineering programs regarding teaching innovation, design, technology transfer, and entrepreneurship.

Discuss objectives, challenges, and opportunities for the advancement of these programs, including industry and academic perspectives. 

Explore the potential for sharing resources and creating community-wide tools to promote innovation in biomedical engineering.

With this resounding opportunity, the event helps to deepen international collaboration, to create a quicker product development process and better market access strategy for medical devices, and strengthen the international partnership between industry experts, academics, researchers and clinical practitioners. 

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